From the Bedroom Studios of Bricklebrit Inc, Micah and Dustin dive into a different story every week, searching for nuggets of hidden wisdom with a healthy dose of comedic commentary.

“Life is a habit that is hard to break.”

“Life is a habit that is hard to break.”


Just when you think you have it all figured out.

All the kids have left home.

You have extra money in your pocket and your mortgage has been paid in full.

There is time to waist so you’ve taken up senseless hobbies like golf or bowling.

Then, one day on the ninth hole. A sunny day with a high of 78. Lunch scheduled with the Misses. Olive Garden at eleven. Love the breadsticks.

You break into a sweat. Not sure why its barely 70 degrees!

Followed by the feeling of indigestion. What was it that I ate last night? Chilli dog with extra jalapenos?

You need to sit down. Catch your breath. The faux leather seat of the golf cart reminds you of brushing your wifes’ purse on the way to holding her hand. Reminiscence.

Hot and dizzy you begin to panic. “Okay, Google call Jane”. You wait, all the while it feels as if you have a fever. “Hello.” The first time you heard that voice you knew she was the one. You still remember the place all those years ago that those soothing tones drifted towards you. “Hello, John are you okay?” Her voice even now calms the raging sea inside of you. You think. It’s going to be alright? Reminiscence.

Pain courses through your chest. “Jane, I’m not going to make it to our lunchin!” “I love you.” You remember the first time you whispered those words to her. She was sleeping in your arms on the couch in that ratty old apartment that was your first home together. She never heard, so she still believes she was the one to first speak those three words. Reminiscence.

You’re dead! Conscience, slipping from your earthly form before your body even hits the ground.

You’re not alone.

A hooded figure stands opposingly before you. His introduction is not needed but necessary because it is the formality. “I am the Grimm Reaper.” “You may call me Mr. Death if that is less frightening to you.” “You have experienced seven signs of a heart attack.” “Including an eighth.” “The attack!” “I find it is reassuring to tell the deceased the way in which they died.”

“Life is a habit that is hard to break.”

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