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My Curious Fascination with Fairy Tales

My Curious Fascination with Fairy Tales


The Grimm brothers spent a lifetime engrossed in fairy tales.

What is my fascination with these archaic stories from days gone bye?

To see life through these authors who lived two, three, four… centuries ago. I want the deeper meaning I know is hidden beneath lost customs.

I strive to share these tales with my audience with a refreshed interpretation and a healthy dose of comedy.

Marina Warner is an English novelist, short story writer, historian, and mythographer had this to say of fairy tales “stories that try to find the truth and give us glimpses of greater things.”

The truth?

The truth is you can find the good and the bad in these stories and this truth is in each of us. Yet, not without a hope that even though we are indisputably flawed we can strive to achieve greater things in this life.

That is not to say that everything in a fairy tale is a direct correlation with human dysfunction. Somethings are just out of our control and need to be viewed as such.

When Hansel and Gretel’s parents abandoned them in the forest. It was of no fault of their own. They had to rise to the occasion and press on. Not giving in to the lousy hand they were dealt they made their way out of the forest and into a new life.

On the way, they defeated a cannibalistic witch (false hope), navigated a dark forest (their abandonment), and crossed a lake (an impassible barrier). They did not give up and for their determination, they were rewarded with jewels, returned to their home, and were given a second chance with their father.

Fairy tales show us the good and bad. Hope and despair that we all experience and struggle with in life.

But, more importantly. Fairy tales remind us that we all can have a, “Happily Ever After”.

Or, at least that is our goal.

“Life is a habit that is hard to break.”

“Life is a habit that is hard to break.”

Welcome to the Team Mr. Death

Welcome to the Team Mr. Death